The Great Awakening Healing Ancestral Karma


Meditation is one of the most popular ways people heal. But, how do you look at it? Meditation is just a way to relax or chill out? How about you think, it’s a way to improve focus and concentration. Meditation is a great way to transform your life, overcome depression and anxiety, and learn to control your emotions.

In this episode, My young and wonderful guest is going to talk about Kundalini Awakening. If you know of or have been experiencing Kundalini Awakening, you will find this helpful. If you’re not familiar with Kundalini Awakening and don’t know much about it, Our guest is here to shed some light on what Kundalini Awakening means and how it can affect your health (physically and mentally).

Kundalini Awakening is an interesting subject. There is a lot of misinformation, controversy and myths about it in the western world. At the same time, many people are trying to awaken it without success or understanding what it really is..

Who is Veronica Barragan?

Veronica Barragan, Joti Radjeep Kaur is a Spiritual Wellness Counselor, certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher and currently finishing her Kundalini Yoga Therapist Certification.

She is the founder of the #SovereignWoman Movement & Academy and Satori Wellness & Spirituality. It is a virtual group coaching community for women disrupting karmic ancestral cycles by holistically healing body, mind, and spirit through her SWC method of Kundalini yoga/meditation therapy and a course in miracles spiritual Psychotherapy which she has studied since 2008 and teaching since 2018.

In this episode:

– Get to know Veronica Barragan and how she cope with her life struggles

– Kundalini Awakening: What Is It and How To Awaken It

– Healing Techniques: How can meditating help you?

– Ancestral Karma: How to break it?

– What is a Sovereign Woman?

– The Difference Between Dharma and Karma

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About the Author

Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.

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