STAYING HEALTHY WITHOUT MEDICATION Through Exercise, Good Food and Nutrition Tammy Reeves (1)

STAYING HEALTHY WITHOUT MEDICATION Through Exercise, Good Food and Nutrition | Tammy Reeves

Genetics plays an important role in our health and so it is important to understand how that plays into your fitness and health regimen. Sometimes, too, what you think is good for the body may not be good for you because not everyone's physique is the same as everyone’s. We also need to see how our bodies are responding to what we are eating or what our bodies are missing out on because of what we are not eating.

Find out more about by listening to the episode till the very end. Enjoy!

Who is Tammy Reeves?

Tammy Reeves has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology; is a Certified Personal trainer, Certified Nutrition coach, 200 hr RYT Yoga Instructor, Active Life Certified coach; Level 1 Crossfit Coach.

Tammy realized by the age of 19 that one of the best stress relievers for her was working out. She became a group fitness instructor during her college years. She was able to ‘out-work’ her bad nutrition habits until she realized that her lethargy and stomach issues were a direct reflection of poor nutrition. She began seeing a ‘holistic’ type of physician, and this started her journey on how she needed to eat.

Needless to say, her health took a dramatic change for the better. Tammy lives by a holistic approach to living with daily exercise and clean eating following the Plate Method for a robust healthy lifestyle and coaches her hundreds of clients to do the same.

Highlights of the episode …

- The start of Tammy Reeves journey in figuring out what good health is about.

- What made Tammy go for a degree in Kinesiology instead of physical therapy?

- How important is it to stay strong, fit and healthy as we get older?

- Why is it that for Tammy, weight lifting exercises are more important than cardio?

- Why does Tammy refuse to get into statin as prevention for cholesterol buildup? (...What are the side effects of statin on some people?)

- What are essential fats and what are those fats that we need to get rid of? (...Why do insurance companies require you for measurements around the waistline and the hip area?)

- Fad diets and fasting, what works for some and what doesn't.

- What is the plate method diet?

- Why is it important to get that balance in nutrition from the food that we eat? (...What has salt got to do with sodium and iodine?)

- How has it been for Tammy's family about good food and nutrition?

- What's going on with Tammy's membership for her healthy recipes and grocery list. (...What else is included in the membership?)

- What are the causes and symptoms of inflammation? (...Why are processed foods the number one cause of inflammation and what foods are the best anti-inflammatory?)

- Why is it important to pay attention to how we feel when we eat certain foods?

- Tammy's words of wisdom for self-love and self-care.

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Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.

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