The Nature of Ayahuasca Awakening the Soul

Ayahuasca is a powerful jungle medicine and teacher plant. A that brings deep multi-level level healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is serious work that should not be entered into lightly – It certainly is not for recreation or amusement. But once you know how to approach it, with the right intentions and proper guidance, the experience can be truly life transforming and relatively safe.

Ayahuasca has been known for ages as a medicinal plant used for healing many aliments. Every day, dozens of people decide to have their first ayahuasca experience. All of them have different reasons for doing so. Some are spiritual, others are recreational and some have urgent healing issues. She’s a native plant that can help you experience deep spiritual and mental healing along with closing past traumas and opening you up to more love, creativity and empowerment.

Enjoy listening!

Who is Pamela Dharani?

With over 13 years of experience in medicine and holistic therapies all around the world, Pamela formed her offerings through the teachings of her many different guides and masters. Interested in both traditional lineages and also alternative western healers, her studies include walking the red path, working with the Santo Daime Church, learning from Shipibo and Quechua masters in Peru.

In this episode:

– How do medicinal plants help elevate our ascension? And how can it open up our hearts?

– Is Ayahuasca psychedelic or not?

– Ayahuasca ceremony: How is it done?

– Know more about the powerful boost of cacao.

– How can we heal our traumatic experiences?

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About the Author

Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.

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