Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

In this episode we revisit 3 nationally recognized Coaches with the common goal of helping people live more productive and fulfilled lives. All three coaches have a strong foundation and are certified Trainers and practitioners of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy® 

Listen to learn how each coach has taken their backgrounds to new levels by expanding their knowledge, experience and areas of expertise to truly help their clients live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives! 

Here is a brief introduction to each guest:

Simon Gledhill is a  Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Simon travels the world extensively leading in depth training and certifications in these modalities. He currently resides in South Africa where he is developing new standards for coaches and also works with youth showing them how to live a grander life by optimizing your thoughts and beliefs utilizing NLP foundational work. 

In our conversation, Simon digs into the NLP Communication Model. Discover why it takes more than just setting a goal to achieve it, why changing a habit takes more than a conscious decision to change it..Once you explore the beliefs that you carry in your subconscious and how to change them, then this becomes the starting point for lasting change. You can find Simon’s full conversation on Episode 26. 

Emile Allen, MD, Board Certified Hypnotist, Clinical Instructor, TEDx Speaker and Author.

Dr. Allen is the Director and Founder of The Pharmacy Within, a drug-free pain therapy solution for chronic pain. He has helped thousands of people worldwide through his unique drug-free acute and chronic pain relief technique. Combined with his decades of experience and unique perspective as a surgeon and medical hypnotist, Dr. Allen is advancing the field of Medical Hypnosis for pain management. 

In this session, we explore how, Dr. Allen discovered several physiological, psychological, and social factors involved in the development of chronic pain leading him to redefine chronic pain from the current medical definition for an effective drug free self treatment for “conditioned” pain. Dr. Allen enjoys teaching people globally how to manage their chronic pain drug free through his online classes and sessions. His passion for helping people worldwide has made him a two-time international award-winning author and an internationally-recognized speaker. You can listen to Dr. Emile Allen’s full conversion on Episode 10.    

Kate Curran -  International Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis, Parallel Universe Surfer, Reality By Design Artist, Consciousness Connoisseur, Imagination Astronaut, Subconscious Mind Hacker, Amazing Mother & Wife, teacher to many students and a being evolving and growing like everyone else

Lean into our discussion as we dive into taking our power back (which is our energy) bringing awareness around how we give and leak energy, and how to cultivate energy because we use energy to do everything.  It’s a great way to love thy self. For Kate’s full conversation, tune into Episode 23.

In this episode:

- NLP Misconceptions.. What is really NLP? 

- The difference between what’s important to us and what we like.

- How our mind works, the conscious and the subconscious?

- The placebo aspect of how our bodies are able to heal, how our bodies are able to control conditioned pain. 

- How do we merge the other version of ourselves that we want to experience or become? — Kate will talk about what View Pointing is. 

- How do we help somebody not to lose their focus? Kate talks about her expertise on how we can have undivided attention.

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About the Author

Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.

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