Becoming Invincible with Leks Vucko

Gail’s guest in this episode of I Love Me Lab Podcast is Leks Vucko,  an optimal performance coach, who has 20 years of experience in the sports, fitness and nutrition space.  She helps people to Feel Invincible, Have Unlimited Energy, and Develop an Unbeatable Mind.

How we feel on the inside is a huge factor, the key changer in letting go and loving people as they are. It is in understanding and recognizing that there are things that we cannot control and each optimal performance fit is different for each person. What works for us may not work for another.

Listen and learn more on how to achieve your optimal performance fit.  Enjoy!

Highlights of the episode …

– What are the factors that contribute to longevity?

– Why is sleep important?

–  How important is the quality of the water that we drink?

– What are the ways a person can manage their mindset?

– What has bodybuilding taught her? (…How to find what optimal performance fit means for each person? )

– Leks’ views on diet, vegan foods and fasting?

– Leks talks about her program called The 6-phases to “Becoming Invincible”

– One bit of wisdom from Leks Vucko for listeners on their journey to self-love .

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Instagram – @leksvucko


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About the Author

Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.

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